Domain Name Policy
  • Are there any restrictions in .Global registration policy?
    • .Global is an open TLD. Registrations are based on first come/first served.
  • Where do I find the registry policies?
  • For how long can I register a .global domain name?
    • The minimum registration term is 1 year and the maximum registration term is 10 years.
  • Are proxy and/or privacy registrations allowed?
    • Private/proxy registrations are allowed for .global domain registrations
Premium Domain Names
  • Do .Global offer Premium Names?
    • Yes. A Premium namespace is defined for .Global.Premium names can currently be registered in the following ways:
      Using the EPP Enhanced feature (if supported by your Registrar)
      Directly through the Registry
      Through the Afternic network
      Through other partners
      To see who is selling a certain name, see the “Agents” field in the Premium Names List. If this field is blank, please contact the Registry at [email protected]
  • What is the renewal fee for a premium name?
    • .GLOBAL does not charge a premium renewal fee for premium names. The initial registration fee is a once off fee.  The renewal fee will be the same as a standard renewal.
  • What launch phase is .GLOBAL in?
    • .GLOBAL launched on 9 September 2014. .GLOBAL is now well-established and has maintained a steady growth since launch.
  • What is the price for a .GLOBAL domain?
    • Please contact your accredited registrar for up-to-date .GLOBAL pricing.
  • Are you still in the claims period?
    • No. The .GLOBAL claim period has ended.
  • What second level IDN languages does .global support?
    • Arabic language
      Belarusian language
      Bosnian language
      Bulgarian language
      Chinese (Simplified) language
      Chinese (Traditional) language
      Danish language
      German language
      Hindi language
      Hungarian language
      Icelandic language
      Korean language
      Latvian language
      Lithuanian language
      Macedonian language
      Montenegrin language
      Polish language
      Russian language
      Serbian language
      Spanish language
      Swedish language
      Ukrainian language